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Where there is Water there is ProMinent

Welcome to our ProMinent South Africa Blog where we will meet all your water treatment needs!


Weekly Blog

Talk About it Tuesday

Welcome to our Prominent SA Weekly blog. This week's theme is Talk About it Tuesday and Today we will be reviewing Prominent's Peristaltic Pumps and the applications they can be used in.  Click below to watch the video presented by Tom Homan-Free on the Peristaltics



On-site service and repairs

Let the expert get to work. This guarantees that all the sealing and wearing parts on your ProMinent system are expertly replaced and in the best condition.

For more information on our servicing and maintenance click on the link below:

Customer Services ( Services (



We offer an array of training courses, both product-oriented and industry oriented. These trainings give you the opportunity to learn more about the proven existing product and application portfolio of ProMinent as well as about new products and applications. Furthermore, you can share your experiences with other ProMinent customers and with our experts.

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