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COVID-19, The Real Holiday Fever !

A year on after the world hit a pause with the tide of the COVID-19 pandemic, a sweet, relaxing vacation, a getaway from the world of work and deadlines to a sanctuary of peace and fun times remains one of the most missed aspects of the old way of life. Taking a well deserved trip to a resort, going on that 5 star Cruise you've always dreamed of or even booking in to your favorite getaway hotel - all these bring nothing but nostalgia for these amazing moments of anticipation when all we can say is, "we cant wait to travel again!" In the world of holidays and holiday making, ProMinent plays a significant role in ensuring that your favorite spot achieves the best in hygiene and water treatment standards. From that crystal clear swimming pool, to that refreshing sip of water, the best way to showcase how we play a key part in guaranteeing you have the time of your life is by going through just a few application examples we have completed around the world.

Swimming pool water treatment at the picturesque Salzburg Hotel Schloss Mönchstein using our electrolysis system CHLORINSITU® III ensuring high standard quality and disinfection . Customer's Feedback

A heavenly paradise on earth, the Trou aux Biches Resort & Spa on the north-west coast of Mauritius is located on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and offers everything that one would expect from a luxury hotel. Offering a variety of application solutions we have been able to ensure top-class results with our Bello Zon Chlorine dioxide system amongst other ProMinent Equipment. Application Solution

With over 4,000 animals and over 350 species ,Taronga Zoo in Sydney is the perfect family destination. Ensuring perfect water standards guarantees all our fury friends can keep you and your family entertained. We have assisted in ensuring intelligent technology in pool measurement and control. Application Results

More Application Examples

Absolutely essential: an attractive pool with crystal-clear water You are an expert in pampering your guests, young and old, with everything they could desire. This usually includes an attractive swimming pool or even a luxurious spa. This is where one of our core skills come in. Read More

Only the best for your guests: clean potable water around the clock Clean potable water is a basic requirement for guest satisfaction and therefore commercial success. ProMinent's treatment systems enable you to provide outstanding quality water all year round. Read more

The best water for your kitchens and laundry Fresh bedding and sweet-smelling towels in rooms, spotlessly clean dishes and fine dining in the restaurant – desalinated and germ-free water is absolutely essential. You have the staff, we have the system technology. Read More

Squeezing out legionella and pathogens It can be disastrous for any hotel if guests come down with legionella and seek claims for damages from the company. ProMinent provides effective solutions for eliminating legionella and other pathogens in the long term. Read More

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