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Who doesn't love a place where you can get everything you need all under one roof? In the simplest form that's exactly what we do at Prominent fluid Controls

With the goal of providing highly efficient and safe equipment for all our customers and industries, Prominent has immerged as a market leader in the world of not just dosing pumps, measurement, and control, or disinfection systems, we are a one-stop-shop for the complete turnkey solution. Our customers throughout the globe trust us in providing well-engineered industry solutions. Let us take you through some of the equipment and how they are incorporated as complete systems.

Dosing chemicals are at the forefront of the solutions we provide. We don't just offer a single pump, we offer a complete metering tank system with all its accessories to cater to your chemical storage and dosing needs. Not only is this solution easy to integrate into your system, it is also cost-effective. See the technical details on our DULCODOS® eco (DSBa) Technical Details

Ranging from simple to highly advanced dosing systems, like our tanks, we offer cutting-edge solutions in dosing cabinets and dosing skids. Our systems are made specifically to your needs and requirements. See the technical details on our simple DULCODOS® universal mini Technical Details

Measurement and control of parameters are important in ensuring a high-quality end product. Ranging from single panels consisting of a controller along with the sensor, we also offer the complete solution together with a dosing pump to form a integrated circuit to function at maximum safety. Technical Details

With long-lasting state-of-the-art disinfection systems, all our equipment come fully integrated to deliver efficient and safe solutions. We also provide technical support to ensure the optimum result in your process disinfection needs. Please don't forget to like, share and subscribe to get more exciting content on Water treatment.

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